My 10 Favorite PalmOS Apps

1. – Web Pro 3 – It seems to work with more sites than the other browsers. It even has 2 different views(handheld, normal) that let you tune browsing a bit if the page isn’t readable in one view. I really wish it could load pages in the background and had a tabbed(several pages open at a time) UI, though.

2 – AppShelf – My favorite launcher, hands down. With the Clip DA and Clip Module, I have a picture of my daughter visible all day while my T|C is in its cradle. Combined with the quick access to my calendar and, I think, the best interface for accessing applications, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to ZLauncher(which is also great). I hope two more modules are added soon: Slideshow and World Clock.

3.- Versamail – The only IMAP client that can work through VPN. I REALLY wish you could specify how many days of your inbox should be synced. My inbox is always enormous. “Download Subjects Only” is a nice compromise until then.

4. – GoSync – Dave, one of the associate writers(at PalmAddicts) suggested this to me and it’s fantastic. Now, when I sync over wifi, I can have Backup and all other non-essential conduits turned off. Makes for a speedy remote sync and a happy me! Now, if it could just one sync profile to work when the pda connects with WIFI and another profile to automatically engage when I’m using the cradle, I’d be set!!!

5. – Geocaching software – Cetus GPS, GeoNiche, Cachemate, Mapopolis – I haven’t used these in a while, but for the few months that I was actively geocaching(, they were a fantastic help! Recently, I noticed a program called OnMyWay which helps those apps work well together. Just talking about these apps makes me want to start ‘caching again!!

6. – Filez – Yeah. Awesome.

7. – Plucker – Better than AvantGo in pretty much every way(that, coming from a diehard AvantGo user). This is another app that I never would have given a chance if it weren’t for PalmAddict. Thanks everyone! Now, if someone would host a central Plucker server where I could set up all my channels from work or home…

8. – TouchTris – GREAT game! If you’re going to own just one Tetris clone, this should DEFINITELY be it.

9. – DocsToGo? – I’ve used Docs To Go a lot recently, but it might just be a phase.

10. – NetChaser – Though I almost never connect to public hotspots or unlocked personal wireless routers, it’s always fun to have NetChaser running while driving. When I get home, I marvel at the number of access points out there and how far we’ve come.

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