Motorola 6412 Comcast DVR

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3 responses to “Motorola 6412 Comcast DVR”

  1. Peter says :

    Not sure if there is help for this. I purchased a Motorola DCT6200/6208 HD DVR off eBay for the Chicago Comcast area & it does not appear to receive cable info. Any fix for this?

  2. J says :

    Not likely. These boxes are usually stolen merchandise, not sold by cable companies. In order to recieve cable service through them, they would have to be added and authorised to your account with your cable provider. I know that my company does not add or authorise \

  3. Chavers says :

    It will not work. This box (just like your cable modem) needs to go through a provisioning process in order to recieve program data from your locale. This is a 2-way communication device unlike the old style analog devices that were defeated with a filter and/or RFTDam.

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