I’ve been wanting to start carrying a Moleskine notebook around. Unfortunately, winter will be over soon and I won’t be carrying around my jacket. I won’t have the pockets to carry around my iPod, Nintendo DS, wallet, phone AND a Moleskine. I don’t want to carry around a backpack or a “fanny pack”. Maybe I’ll gut a laptop case and use that. Hmmmm.

Anyway, check out this post from 43 Folders: Moleskine Hacks.

Better link to Moleskine Hacks.
Also, I now have a Moleskine notebook(9cmx14cm, ruled) and I bought a 7 pocket Brand) letter size expanding file. It holds my DS, iPod, phone, headphones, games and Moleskine perfectly, with a little room left for documents and magazines. It needs a little work – velcro instead of string closure and dividers for keeping the gadgets from banging into each other, but I think it’s going to be a great way to carry stuff to work in the summer.

And, then, there’s the Hipster PDA.

Update: C2 Wiki on Personal Analog Device. And, Wikipedia on Moleskine.

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