More World of Warcraft UI Mods…

I cleared out my AddOns folder yesterday and started using Insomniax Recompilation. His package includes Gypsy, Lootlink, FeedPet, PetDefend and a few other great mods from other authors. I particularly like the button customization mod he includes called Ian Bibby’s BibToolBars. SideBar+BottomBar wasn’t enough and FlexBar was too much.

I’m going to try out TrackerAssist tonight!

Update: I want to try LookFor and ZoomMap.

FYI, I left MapNotes installed.

More to install: Universal Translator and DEFINITELY Karma.
Bank Statement might be nice. Startup – WHEE!

WOWProfiler might be a good place to start for creating an ingame blog posting tool.

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