Level 24 in WOW!

My character is now level 24 in World of Warcraft. A Horde Orc Hunter on Dunemaul, he reached 24 in the Wailing Caverns dungeon. I installed the Karma mod last night and it is invaluable. I was able to make notes on each member of the 2 parties I participated in – this should be part of the built in friends list. It’s a little buggy, so if you use it make sure you reopen the list and verify the changes you made. Often, I found I had to redo the changes, but that didn’t bother me.

After logging out of WOW last night, I read about WOW(I’m hopeless). BattleGrounds looks really awesome. I also read about a few mods that I’d like to try:
MiniPet Leash

Humar, the next pet to tame.

What I REALLY want, though, is a mod that will search the auction house for the 10 or so things I’m looking for and tell me which are currently up for sale..

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