World of Warcraft: Hunter Pets

Info on tentonhammer and goodintentions.

Also, a decent thread on the forums.

And, tips from the boards on Hunter combat in instances.

My change to WatchTower to add coords.

3 responses to “World of Warcraft: Hunter Pets”

  1. Sam says :

    What food do bats eat?

  2. Sarah says :

    Bats eat fruit and stuff. No meats or anything like that. I think it said fruit and fungus.

  3. Kalyskah says :

    With patches constantly coming out and messing up personal UI, do you have any suggestions on more universal patches for hunters that won’t get messed up with a new patch? Ever since 2.4 came out it’s hard to find addons that actually work. 😦 It saddens me.

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