Sonic Screwdriver Toy

Character Options, the creators of the RoboSapien toy, are working on radio controlled Daleks(and an rc Davros). They are also planning to release a Sonic Screwdriver toy that looks like the one on the new series.

Personally, I’d like a replica that includes a high power led flashlight, a green laser pointer and a decently accurate sonic screwdriver noise.


EDIT: More, via google, at this catalog page: DOCTOR WHO ELECTRONIC SONIC SCREWDRIVER An authentic replica of the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Device. Activate in “closed” or “open” mode. Pressing the button on the “slide” control activates the LED and SFX. Remove the hilt cap of the Screwdriver to write secret messages in Dalek/Gallifreyan codes. Use the UV Emitter to reveal hidden coded messages from your friends… and enemies. Codebook included. (01635) (CAUT: 4) Screwdriver SRP: £9.99

13 responses to “Sonic Screwdriver Toy”

  1. beames says :

    how do you get hold of one

  2. samuel Yule says :

    Please advise when sonic screwdriver is available to purchase, my son sam is a doctor who fan!.

  3. doctor who says :

    Where can you get the sonic screwdeiver from?

  4. Frsimplex says :

    Where can U get1?

  5. Ian Keating says :

    Please say that the delivery is about 30 minutes.

  6. Ian Keating says :

    Bring it to me now asap.

  7. Ethan Eglintine says :

    i really want that screwdriver

  8. james says :

    is it a brand new one?

  9. amir says :

    where can u get it and how much it is tell me now plz

  10. amir says :

    i realy want this and tell me went its time to buy it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. amir says :


  12. amir says :

    is it the same 1 or is it like the argos 1

  13. wiifan says :

    this is best toy ever!!!

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