Apple’s Mighty Mouse

I bought one today. On my XP machine, with no extra configuration, I can use the ball as a vertical mousewheel, left, right and middle buttons.

I cannot use the horizontal mousewheel action of the ball or the squeeze buttons on Windows XP.

Is anyone working on a Windows XP driver? The ball is a really nice change from a mousewheel. Till now, my favorite mousewheels were the MS Blue Optical(almost no resistance) and the Logitech MX510. The scrollball in the Mighty Mouse feels much more granular.

First app I’m going to play with once a driver exists for the horizontal scroll ball? Google Earth.

Apple Mighty Mouse Product Page
Apple Mighty Mouse Compatability Chart

7 responses to “Apple’s Mighty Mouse”

  1. If you find a driver... says :

    If you find a driver for XP, I would certainly be appreciative if you let me me know.


  2. Alexander says :

    I’m wondering if any of you geniuses have written a program or know of a program that enables the 360 degree scrolling for the Apple Mighty Mouse in windows XP? I have done an extensive search on the internet, but haven’t had any luck.

    The only thing I found is a Japanese company that offers a driver. Bad thing (at least for me) is that I cannot understand a single word on their web page.

    I got it translated with google and the web site is just below. If anyone has any information about this subject please reply Im going crazy. I just bought A mighty mouse for my Xp but it doesnt work properly.

    If anyone is Japanese or knows some one who is Japanese please ask them how to download the full version. I managed to download a trial version of AppleM Pro which

    is what the software is called and I works perfectly but you have to buy the full version other wize a message keeps poping up in Japanese telling you to buy the full software.

    If someone manages to get hold of the full software could

    you please send it to me because i cant buy it because i am

    only 13 years old and my mum wont let me.

    Fell free to contact me at

    Oh heres the web site i found


  3. Alexander says :

    Ops I made a mistake with the Japanese web site

    its actualy v=/search%3Fq%3D%2522Apple%2BMighty%2BMouse%2BWindows %2BDriver%2522%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26channel%3Ds%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3DUB6%26sa%3DG

  4. eman says :

    google came up with this:

    where AllenTang explains how to set up Mighty Mouse in XP using AppleM and another utility called X-Mouse. Link to Allen’s blog is unfortunately dead. Download his tutorial (Word file but no viruses, I checked):

  5. Jeremy says :

    AppleM confirmed working! It took me about a half-hour to fight my way through the Japanese but in the end they took my credit card and issued me a serial!

  6. Alexander says :

    Please! please! please! may i have a copy of that serial number either post it here or send it to my email its above in the second comment

    PLEASE iv gone crazy trying to get that serial number from the jappaness web site

  7. vlad says :

    hy, i can’t buy a serial from that site..i am from romania and i am restricted with my bank just to buy from there any way of making it work full version?can anyone help?

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