Dave’s OPML Editor and Flock

For a number of reasons, I wasn’t able to visit Dave’s OPML Roadshow in Berkeley yesterday and I wasn’t able to stop by BarCamp until 1am last night. When I arrived, I could see and hear that Dave wasn’t there(there goes my chance to see the OPML Editor), so I introduced myself to Ben from ____hosting and asked if anyone from Flock was around. After I dropped off a couple packs of Frito-Lay Munchies(best snack food ever) and some Doritos at the food table, I asked Chris Messina(Flock’s Director of Experience & Open Source Ambassador) to show me Flock, but the net was down. Maybe I’ll make it back today.

TechCrunch on the OPML Roadshow
BarCamp entry for the Flock demo

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