Bill Hill on Channel9

Watch this Channel9 video right away. Bill Hill is a personality at Microsoft that knows his stuff and is really good at talking about it. In this video, he talks about animal tracking and how it relates to typography. Homo Sapiens 1.0!

After a 45 minute hike, the video includes a quick chat with the Microsoft Typography team, which is also a treat. One member of the team says it best – if they do their job REALLY well, noone will notice. Very true, very true. But when I’m as comfortable reading on screen as I am reading a magazine or a book, I’ll know they had a lot to do with it.

Tips for better screen viewing(for Windows XP users):

  • Use cleartype tuner if you have an LCD screen. It can do wonders.
  • Make sure you are using the native resolution of the screen.
  • If running at the native resolution makes print too small, change the DPI setting in your display settings.
  • If a white background color hurts your eyes, adjust the brightness of your screen or change the background color to off-white for your favorite apps.
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