Nintendo DS Wifi Status

More great news from Stephen Stair! After suffering the setback of having to write his own IP stack, it looks like homebrew Wifi is back on track!! Between this project and the upcoming Wifi/Internet-enabled Mario Kart, Tony Hawk and Animal Crossing games, I’m really jazzed about my DS. My daughter is really into Nintendogs, though, and I hope I can get some time with it when these hit.

Field of work Completion Level
Receiving data: 100%
Transmitting data: 100%
Interrupts/Data Queuing: 100%
arm7/arm9 communication structure: 100%
802.11b implementation (arm7): 100%
API for other wireless functions (arm9): 100%
IP selection code (dhcp/static/etc): 100%
Writing my own TCP stack: 80%
Test application (basic irc client): 30%
Additional Testing: 30%
Ad-Hoc Mode: 30%
Documentation: 50%
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