The XBox 360 Homebrew factor

Microsoft goes on and on about the security measures they are taking with the XBox 360 to prevent me from running code written by unlicensed developers. It drives me crazy! I’m paying $400 on 11/22/05 for a COMPUTER that I can’t run my own code on. I can’t stand it.

My original XBox streams video from my PC, plays really old games that I’m fond of, runs Linux, etc. After I retire this thing for game playing, it will still be useful in many ways. If Microsoft had it’s way, though, I would not be able to do these things with my XBox.

I know I should vote with my wallet and not buy console game systems because they all try to lock out homebrew, but I’m just not that strong-willed.

EDIT: Regarding the Media additions to the 360: Yes, it’s great that Microsoft added these features, but you can’t say that there is no longer a legitimate reason to run un-licensed code on the box. Microsoft has not predicted all useful ways to use the XBox360 and baked them in.

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