Cool stuff today

The ‘Download Embedded’ Firefox Extension looks fantastic. Of course, it wouldn’t be so necessary if players in Firefox didn’t take up so much CPU.

I finally see why everyone is so excited about TailRank. Just like digg and tech.memeorandum, I guess you just have to see it on a good day to recognize how wonderful it is.
UPDATE: I can’t believe I didn’t mention blogniscient when listing blognewsranking sites.

Well, I preordered the XBox 360 in August, but the shortage noise is overwhelming. If I can’t have it, maybe I’ll buy a BlackDog USB powered Linux server – it’s a little bigger than an iPod Nano. If I do get the XBox, though, I wonder if it can drive this OneMonitorToTwoMonitor convertor….

And, uh, GameCube AT AT mod. Sweet.

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