XBox 360 Demo Unit – quick playtest

I visited the Redwood City GameStop last night to check out the XBox 360 Demo Unit they just set up. Am I still buying an XBox 360? YES. Was I impressed with the graphics? YES. Was it an entirely positive experience? NO.

I played a little of the Kameo demo – very nice effects. Especially the simulation of light refraction when you have translucent green spider blood in your eyes. The controls felt great. A

I also played a little of the King Kong demo. Mixed feelings. There is no HUD. Your score, health, stamina, etc are all tracked offscreen and you never see them(as far as I can tell) – FANTASTIC. But, immersion needs more than hiding the video game staples. The controls are frustrating and don’t feel as responsive as I would like. B-

Also, I loved pressing the guide button. YES YES YES!!! AWESOME. A

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