Week One with the XBox 360

It’s been wonderful, mostly. Kameo($60) and Geometry Wars($5) are my favorite games so far. I don’t have an HDTV, so I’ve been using the VGA cable and playing at 1360×768. Beautiful!

The 12 month XBox Live account I bought for $70 is broken, currently. The current theory is that passport account that have one or more Microsoft premium services do not work with the new XBox 360 Live Gold Pre-Paid cards. I’m communicating with the other affected users in a thread on the XBox forums.

There is a great article on xbox.com about the 360’s cooling system. Channel 9 needs more XBox 360 videos.

Joystiq posted a picture of the special edition 360 that Bill gave to the launch team. Nice!

This is my favorite flickr search: xbox360 faceplate.

This mod is tempting, but all of my 360 controllers are wireless and the guide only covers the wired version.

While I’m waiting for the gamertag jtokash to be fixed, I’m using an alternate Live account with the gamertag inyourfaceplate. It’s a great name, so I’m starting to hope that I can move my 12 month card to that account instead of keeping jtokash.

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