Gregarius Feature Requests

Gregarius is a great aggregator!  These are a few things that could make it better.  Luckily, it’s open source, so if I get hungry enough for these features, I can add them myself.

  • Text Size Slider
  • Bloglines-style two-frame presentation
  • One click keep new functionality(like Bloglines)
  • Icons beside feeds that did not parse correctly or were not available during the last update

3 responses to “Gregarius Feature Requests”

  1. Sameer says :

    I think the slider pluguin might do the first request

    Not sure what you mean by the second idea. I thouht gregarius had a two frame presentation. Did you mean a 3 frame presentation? There is a 3 panes theme on the theme repository that does that….

    There is a plugin “mark as read till here” which gives you two click new functionality. I guess you could modify it to one click if you really wanted to 🙂

    The last idea is a nice one.. I should make a note of that somewhere.

    Feel free to join us on the forums if you would like to disucss ideas and features.

  2. jtokash says :

    Hi Sameer!

    By text size, I should probably say font size. At night, I prefer a larger font size for reading feeds and in the morning/day I prefer a smaller font.

    By frames, I mean . The idea being that you shouldn’t lose your place in your list of feeds on the left just because you are scrolling through your list of items on the right.

    I’ve been using “mark as read till here” religiously for days now. Love it.

  3. Sameer says :

    Ah, ok I see about the frames. Well it is possible to make a theme to display it that way. The wiki has a document that tells you how to create one

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