Quick Notes

EA is buying Jamdat

SpikeTV is producing a Blade TV series

On Monday, while attempting to restore a wrongly deleted character for a Vendetta Online player, one of the staff inadvertantly removed all characters from the game’s database. Luckily, a recent backup was available, however any progress that characters might have made since the backup was saved has been lost. As compensation for the snafu, Vendetta Online is crediting all paying users a free week of gameplay.

Gmail Clips is almost useful.

My daughter won’t let me play Animal Crossing DS.

We’re starting to see extensions moving past the Firefox 1.5 fallout. Many of my favorite extensions still don’t work, though, and almost none of the GreaseMonkey scripts I use regularly survived.

Tons of Web2.0, blogging, and Internet Business stuff happened this week. Documented by many people, but I’ll link to a few for later reference. here, here and here .

LifeHacker suggests keeping a log of your mistakes.

I beat Kameo – fantastic game.

Etsy’s electronics section really needs to bulk up.

I installed a Sony ICF-CD553RM Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio (Silver) in our kitchen today. Reception and sound quality are both great!

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