Review: King Kong

King Kong (2005) is an action movie. It’s a great action movie.

I don’t remember much from the original(although I DVR’d it Saturday night and I’ll watch it this week), but this version definitely stands well on its own.

The CGI is awesome. The action is breathtaking. The acting is as good as any Indiana Jones film. The comedic moments are genuinely funny. There were a few moments that I thought were TOO unbelievable and crossed the line. These moments were on the island. While they were happening, they bothered me. Now, though, they are cemented in my memories of the film and stand out as items on the timeline, helping me remember the incredible sequences that led up to them.

Sidebar: I’m playing, slowly, the King Kong XBox 360 video game. Great game, so far. It’s amazing how much it differs from the movie while still capturing a lot of its magic.

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