Gregarius Video/Screencast

I put together a screencast showing off some features of Gregarius (Open Source, Single User, Online, Extensible, RSS Aggregator).  I made the video for 2 audiences: Friends of mine who are Gregarius neophytes that are interested in my new favorite aggregator and Gregarius veterans who may be interested in my additions (Frames theme and Minimal Channel List).

Features demonstrated in chronological order:

  • Gregarius Channel List
  • Gregarius – Minimal Channel List – hide feeds with no unread items
  • Gregarius Item List
  • Gregarius – Frames theme – resizability
  • Gregarius – Frames theme – hide header
  • Gregarius – show read and unread or just unread
  • Gregarius – Sticky (like ‘keep new’ in BlogLines)
  • Gregarius – Mark all items in the item list as read
  • Gregarius – View all unread items in a folder

The screencast is here(pretty html wrapper or just the raw swf).  It’s almost 10MB.

More info:

2 responses to “Gregarius Video/Screencast”

  1. RandomWhim says :

    You, Sir, are a genius. I applied your minimalchannellist.patch to my Gregarius installation yesterday, and will install and use your frames theme as soon as I submit this comment. You’ve taken Gregarius from something with potential, to something with (almost) everything I’m looking for. Keep up the GREAT work!

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