WinDirStat is an excellent tool for visualizing your hard drive layout.

3 responses to “WinDirStat”

  1. Thomas Stache says :

    This looks an awful lot like an old Software I once knew called SequoiaView:

    Quote: “SequoiaView 1.3 was launched November 2002”

  2. Oliver says :

    Yap, it was *also* inspired by SequoiView, but not solely.

    Furthermore it was SequoiaView that “ceased” development. I remember that I posted something in their forums and since they neither continue development *nor* make it OpenSource I jumped on the “train” (i.e. the WDS project) which was already ~1 year old when I joined. WDS is approx. one year (actually a little less) younger than SequoiaView, just in case you are interested in that fact.

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