Feedback for the Vista team

The Vista Team has a feedback form.  Here are the comments I sent this morning:


  • The Glass effect around each window.
  • Lots of software installs correctly.  And even more software works if you use the Windows XP Compatability mode.
  • Screenshots above items in the task bar.  But let me scrollwheel through the stack when I have items grouped(similar to flip 3d).


  • Flip 3D is great!  But you have to make it easier to find.  It’s in the quicklaunch tray in my taskbar, but it’s after the fold.  Maybe resize the quicklaunch tray by default?  And advertize it’s shortcut in the alt-tab menu.
  • Find Target has moved to right click.
  • Task Manager can be equipped to show command line and file path for all processes.


  • Where is Sidebar?
  • Some applications that fail just keep chugging and don’t explain why.  Konfabulator from Yahoo is one.
  • I miss the fold-out mechanism for programs in the start bar.  I’ll try the ‘classic’ arrangement and see how I like it.  Tne new Start->Programs interface feels ‘lossy’ to me for some reason.  Is it showing all the apps?
  • When I switch Windows Media Player from full screen to normal during playback, I lose the picture.  Audio still works.  Bill Gates’ Keynote is a file that demonstrates this problem, for instance.


  • Please invite me to the Office 12 Beta.
  • This may sound silly, but you need several kick butt screensavers.  Get slickr(opengl, internet enabled screensaver that flips through flickr images).


  • What is Run Elevated?
  • What is Windows Transfer, and what is it doing in my recently run list?
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