FeedLounge Launches On Monday

Another RSS Aggregator?  Yes.  This one, though, is helmed by Alex King, whose Tasks Pro software is fantastic.  Again and again, Alex responds to his customers’ feedback by adding new features and fixing bugs.  This attitude, applied to a subscription-fee-based-aggregator is going to be very interesting.

I met up with Alex and his partner in crime Scott Sanders today at Starbucks in Redwood City.  They gave me a demo.  Very cool stuff.  Feels like an app, not a web site(a good thing).  I can’t wait till Monday!!  I’ll be subscribing right away.

One response to “FeedLounge Launches On Monday”

  1. Alex says :

    Was a pleasure meeting you John, very glad you liked what you saw in FeedLounge. Please keep the great feature requests and feedback coming as well!

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