FeedLounge launched today

Kudos to Scott and Alex on a job well done. FeedLounge is responsive, comfortable, fun. And the staff is very responsive(I identified a couple of problems today while testing it out and they were fixed right away).

  • The UI is more pleasant, professional and powerful than the other web based aggregators.  Serious AJAX going on here.
  • FeedLounge imported the OPML that Gregarius exported quickly and completely.
  • The keyboard shortcuts, especially the space bar “…you can read all your feeds using just the space bar…” are well implemented, but will take some time to get used to. The space bar in particular bridges the gap between bloglines’ implicit mark-read and everyone else’s explicit mark-read.

So, is it worth the $5/month to me? Yes. Feeds are as important to me as email, easily.  As soon as FeedLounge adds a mobile option, it could be the best tool for the job.

Now, if there was only a shared API among Aggregators that allowed two aggregators to synch the read/unread status of items and the subscribe/unsubscribe status of feeds.  Read about that sort of thing here(GO DAVE!), here(GO NIALL and GOOGLE!) and here.  I still plan to use Gregarius and I’d love to be able to use both it and FeedLounge on, basically, the same set of data.

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