XP and Vista – Dual Boot

Since I can’t use VPN, Network Printing or PalmOS USB Synchronization with Vista, I decided format my drive and start from scratch with an XP/Vista dual boot. I still plan to use Vista as my primary, but I’ll occasionally boot into XP when the need arises. I saw a few posts on the subject of dual booting XP and Vista, but nothing that seemed official, so I asked Hans Anderson at Microsoft how he normally does it.

It turns out that the process of setting up the dual boot is very simple:

  • make a primary NTFS partition
  • install XP
  • run XP
  • In XP:
  • make another primary NTFS partition
  • run the Vista installer

2 responses to “XP and Vista – Dual Boot”

  1. Jesse says :


    can anyone confirm that?!


  2. chris says :

    smart move microsoft but what if you purchased a pc from a store and it came with your damned vista and i dont want to uninstall vista and then install it again

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