AJAX on Smartphones?

I’ve been working on evaluating the abilities of various pda browsers so that mobile interfaces to RSS Aggregators can be a little more smooth. Asynchronous communication with the server is possible, without XMLHttpRequest(AJAX). My test cases are here.  Test #15 is the main proof of concept where I swap an image and have the server send down a cookie with useful information when it serves up the image.  This functionality could be used to asynchronously mark an item in your RSS Aggregator as read or to tag it.  Meanwhile, the cookie that is returned could be used for serving up content asynchronously.

NOTE: After I started down this path, I found  Julien Lamarre‘s excellent work on the topic.  For some reason, Julien’s tests don’t work in Blazer on the Palm TX, while I have no idea if my tests work on anything other than Firefox and Blazer.

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