West Wing on Stage(or on radio)…

Since this is the last season of the West Wing, Dave is thinkingout-loud about ways to save it.

Put it on a stage in a high school auditorium. Make it a Sims scenario. It’s the story, the characters, their brightness and integrity that I value. Sure it’s nice that the sets look cool, but that’s not what makes the show so great.

I’ve seen every episode of the West Wing and I definitely don’t want to see it end. I’ve invested too much. Especially this season – the ‘two campaigns’ storyline didn’t feel right at first, but now I NEED to see how the winner will function as POTUS. Would I listen to a Radio serial of the West Wing? New President, new format? I could get into that. Especially if they keep CJ, Toby, and Josh and bring back Rob Lowe.

Actually, it feels like a betrayal not listing everyone. I think the entire cast of “West Wing” is fantastic. Donna(Janel Moloney), and Janeane Garofalo, for instance, are both kicking butt this season. I’m sure there are exceptions – but I can’t think of any at the moment.

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