YES! TopDesk adds Flip3d Support!

I purchased TopDesk months ago when I found that it had the best expose emulation for Windows XP. NOW, they added Flip 3d emulation. Awesome!

Update: I installed the new version. Here are my thoughts. The effect comes up pretty quickly, but not as fast as Vista’s. Flipping between items is noticably slower than Vista’s. I would sacrifice the transition between items in a second if it meant faster flipping. With window updating turned on, and a video running in a window, you get a new frame of video every second or so in the TopDesk flip 3d view. Not as cool as Vista’s, but still useful.

Overall, it’s a nice alternative to Alt-Tab. I’ll be keeping this running on my XP partition.

Update 2 (2/8/06):  Otaku support sent me email noting that they will have an option for faster ‘flipping’ in an upcoming point release.  Woo!

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