NO WAY! Apple Switching To Windows would be like PalmOne Switching to…. oh, wait…

Seriously, though, I can’t see Apple switching to Windows. In such a scenario, would they still build the iLife and iWork product lines? Would those pieces of software be locked to a version of Windows that only runs on Mac hardware?

If the only thing separating future Macs from PCs were the pretty cases and the outrageous prices, I think Apple’s computer line would be doomed.

The one big issue that Apple has is that Macs don’t have great compatability with Windows apps, yet. So, Dvorak is suggesting that maybe the MacWindows would be Windows with a prettier look and feel. We know those kinds of changes are possible already on XP with software like WindowBlinds and TopDesk. Still, just because a MacWindows is possible doesn’t mean it will happen.

Wine, Virtual PC and VMWare are all getting better all the time and with Rosetta, Apple demonstrated that they have the technical prowess to make non-native software run well in OSX on intel. Yes, getting Windows apps to run well in OSX is harder than creating an OSX theme for Windows, but they’d still have to port iLife, etc, AND tell a lot of 3rd party developers that they need to port again.

The commentary on this topic is great, including wonderfully named posts: “Apple switch to Windows? Dvorak switch to reality!” and “Dvorak off his meds: claims Apple switching to Windows”.

Update: More conversations out there.

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