FlySpy – pick the cheapest dates/times/airports, interactively

TechCrunch on FlySpy:

I give it a departure city and a destination city and optionally a departure date and length of stay. The search result, which returns very quickly, will present me with a graph of flight prices over the next 30 days so that I can quickly look at which days are the cheapest to fly. To book a flight I just click on the point in the graph. Simple. …. in very little time I can find the best day to fly out, the best price and also the best destination.

This is great! The cycle of entering new dates/airports/times over and over, waiting for the airline site or expedia or orbitz to respsond, slooooowly, hoping for a better price, is brutal. I’m glad someone is finally going to give us a visualization of that data!!

Screenshot on TechCrunch:

FlySpy, make sure you invite information aesthetics when you have an alpha – they’ll eat it up!

One response to “FlySpy – pick the cheapest dates/times/airports, interactively”

  1. infosthetics says :

    I am waiting eagerly, indeed!

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