TailRank Filter

[Update: Danny Ayers has some thoughts. ]

TailRank’s Filter:

  • Upload an OPML file (your blogroll, for instance)
  • Now, when you choose the filtered view on TailRank, you’ll only see TailRanked items that have X number (you pick the number) of links from feeds in your OPML file.
  • TailRank also gives you an RSS feed for this data.

I used to think that was exactly what I wanted for the ‘flood’ portion of my blogroll – 150 feeds that I rarely read, but respect. It turns out that what I really want is an OPML reading list of TailRank Filtered feeds. 1 feed per folder in the OPML file I originally submitted. And that original OPML file? TailRank should keep an eye on it and compensate whenever I add, delete or rearrange feeds.

Basically, I want one filtered feed per category of blogs that I don’t read often. I want those filtered feeds to contain only relatively popular items from those blogs.

Incidentally, TailRank knows one kind of popularity and memeorandum has it’s own ideas. Me? Since I already trust all of these blogs that I want filtered, I’d like another kind of popularity to be considered – # of comments.

Anyway, I’m really glad someone (Kevin) is building a personal memetracker solution.

Meanwhile, Anne 2.0 wants an open source platform for this stuff.

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