Origami Report: Tuesday Afternoon, March 7th 2006

OrigamiPortal just posted two great articles. Analysis of the new UMPC video and more on the details released at the Intel conference.

The CNBC video clip is online. Discussion of the video at Scoble’s!  More discussion at GizModo.

More Origami news here.

I’m still curious to see if the device will have a path to EVDO.  If it does and it’s under $900, then I’ll order it on day one.  It sounds like the first models won’t have an attached keyboard.  The swivel keyboard models will be out next year.  I’m OK with that.  Keyboard has never been on my must have list for this device and I can get a stowaway bluetooth keyboard if I find that I need one.

Some of the prototypes we’ve seen images of in the past couple of weeks and at WinHec last year had very little border around the screen.  I have to say that I prefer that look even if it makes the device a little thicker.  We’ll have to see what models are available.  There are still a ton of question marks.  Thursday is going to be crazy.

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