Origami Report: Tuesday Late Night, March 7th 2006

Scoble is publishing the Channel 9 Origami video at 3AM Pacific on Thursday. That means I need to be up at 3am to see it in action and then up at 7 in case pre-orders open. Wow.

Using Firefox on a Tablet PC (or Origami):

  • MenuX – “was designed for laptop/tablet use where maximum screen realestate is desired. Adds the ability to collapse any toolbar. Adds a library of toolbar buttons”
  • Hans suggests: The Grab And Drag extension. It “provides Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag page scrolling with the mouse. It is an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0 and higher. It works in Flock betas as well. The extension was originally developed for Tablet PC users to aid pen-based navigation, but some people without scroll wheels on their mice also find it useful.”
  • The GeckoTIP extension provides Tablet PC Input Panel support in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird.
  • If it’s your second (or third) FireFox machine, maybe FoxMarks will help.  “Foxmarks is an extension for Firefox that synchronizes bookmarks across multiple machines.”

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OrigamiPortal’s analysis of the new UMPC video and more on the Intel conference.

The CNBC video clip is online.

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Origami Report: Tuesday Morning, March 7th 2005

More data on the UMPC.com site.

New video on the UMPC.com site.

CNBC transcript link.

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Models shipping in a few weeks!

Origami Report: Monday Late Night, March 6th 2006

More Pics.

Form Factor comments from Allen at PalmAddict.

UMPC.com forums are open.

Apps I plan to run on Origami.

tech.memeorandum’s coverage.

More wishlists

Origami Report: Monday Evening, March 6th 2006

SirShannon found hidden UMPC.com pages.

Scoble comments on the Origami.

Origami Report: Monday Morning, March 6th 2006

OrigamiPortal is back online with commentary on the new render that’s floating around.

Scoble saw the Origami.

Origami Report: Sunday, March 5th 2006

OrigamiPortal.com outage.

Scoble says he’ll see the Origami on Monday.

Great conversation over at GottaBeMobile. Dennis is asking the big question: What does the Origami you will buy NEED to have?

Info from Steve Payne and Techno-Squirrels.

More revisions on my thoughts on a good Origami feature set.

Origami Report: Saturday, March 4th 2006

ActiveNick is under NDA.

Martin of Tablet UML News is under NDA.

Paul Mooney has notes from a Microsoft presentation.

Scoble and Dennis Rice are trying to manage their own expectations.

My revised thoughts on a good Origami feature set.

I’ve given a little more thought to what I want out of the device. Also, what I don’t need.

Origami Report: Friday, March 3rd 2006

Paul Hoover, apparently from the Origami team, is asking for feedback on the Origami concept with an eye towards ebooks.

Confirmed: Origami will run Firefox!!!

My initial thoughts on what features Origami needs.

An Engadget reader pointed out that the html source code for the Origami Project web site says “Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP“.

jkOnTheRun has a ‘wrap up’ of other ultra mobile pcs.

The chron techblog references an AP story with more details.

GottaBeMobile: Origami is being demoed to educational software customers.

Tons of opinions from around the web.

Photos of Origami and UMPC.

Origami Project from Microsoft: Week 2

The second installment of the Origami Project Teaser Website is up.

Om’s on fire

The Origami plot thickens with the found video and Om chastizes Palm for not doing it first (I totally agree).

The Real Microsoft Origami?

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to find a prototype commercial for the Origami device.

Neowin’s coverage.

Link to lots of stills + mpg version of the video.

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