Origami Report: Wednesday Morning, March 8th 2006

I made a summary page for all of my Origami Reports last night. (In the comments, Scoble mentions that the Channel 9 video MIGHT be available at earlier than 3am.)

MacWorld, GottaBeMobile, and CIO.com are reporting on a Samsung Origami device. Launch date and price are unknown, but “Samsung’s product, called the Q1, runs on a 900MHz Intel Corp. Celeron microprocessor and has 500MB of RAM. The Q1 which was on show at Samsung’s Cebit booth a day ahead of the show here in Hanover. It boasts both WLAN (wireless local area network), 802.11 A/G and Bluetooth connections, and uses touch-screen controls. It runs an instant-on multimedia player so users don’t have to launch the full XP operating system to watch a video.”

New videos are up at UMPC.com (via UltraMobilize)! These videos apparently complement the DigitalKitchen video very well, going more in depth into various functions. Gizmodo is buzzing about them, too.

Great CNet Video looking at a UMPC device that will launch this year. Justin shows all the ports and slots on the device as well as a look at the pre-loaded StreetDeck Media Player software. Very cool stuff. This model’s touchscreen doesn’t need a stylus.

Gizmodo is reporting on a rumor that Origami has a portable friendly launcher. The rumor would explain the non-XP-looking interface we see some times in ‘leaked’ images. What relation that has to the instant-on multimedia player that doesn’t boot to XP that Samsung mentioned is yet to be seen.

Engadget now has a hands on with the Samsung Q1!

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