Riya Private Beta – innovative feedback tagging idea

I just got my invite for the Riya Private Beta (thanks!).  I haven’t installed this version, yet, but the coolest part about their beta is this:

4. Bloggers are encouraged to post the good, bad and the ugly. We encourage tagging (well, yeah) and recommend the following tags (so that we can find your post faster and address your issues, if any, quickly):

Good = riyarocks

Bad = riyasobetaithurts

Ugly = riyasux

They are encouraging us to blog about their products AND giving us a way to make it easy to find user feedback ourselves!!!  Here are the technorati searches for each: riyarocks (good), riyasobetaithurts (bad), riyasux (ugly).  Very cool!  So far, the second two are empty in technorati.

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