The AJAX Experience Isn’t Full?!?!

This data is a little old, I guess, but according to a post on 4/10/06, the AJAX Experience conference (held by in SF, CA, US) is only half full – 250 attendees. Wow! If you are in the area on May 10th-12th, I suggest you check out this speaker list and agenda. I’m talking major, major, major leaders in the Rich-Javascript and AJAX field.

Here’s why I bought my ticket last month. Presenters include: The creators of Ajax, Javascript, JSON, Dojo, Zimbra,, TIBCO GI, MochiKit, Greasemonkey, prototype. Big thinkers from Yahoo, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, SUN, 37 Signals. The authors of Ajax in Action, Webwork in Action, Pragmatic Ajax, Head Rush Ajax.

2 responses to “The AJAX Experience Isn’t Full?!?!”

  1. doodoo says :

    No one is going because no one can afford the damn thing. $1500??? Please, gimme a break!!

  2. John Tokash says :

    Well, Microsoft’s Mix ’06 conference was $995. JavaOne this year starts at $1500. If you ordered Ajax Experience tickets early, they were $1095, which I think is fair.

    Some free (and much more ‘open’) conferences are coming up, too, though. BloggerCon and BarCamp, for instance, should be awesome events this June.

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