Martin from TabletKiosk on the eo Battery Life Issue

Summary of a conversation with Martin from TabletKiosk about the eo battery life issue:

  1. Martin wants to talk to JKK, because Amtek is having the same trouble as TK – they know of no production machines that can get the battery life.
  2. Some preproduction units may have been able to get that battery life, so Martin would like to track down JKK and find out where his device came from.  (JKK’s device has a much longer battery life than other Amtek/eo UMPCs)
  3. They are working on a driver fix for the microphone.  It’s not a hardware issue.  They are getting close to a fix.
  4. They have not identified a specific component (to Martin’s knowledge) that is drawing a lot more power than it should.
  5. They do see the whole thing draining the battery too fast, though.  VIA, Amtek, TK and the battery manufacturer are all working on the problem.
  6. Martin is still hopeful for a software/firmware fix for the battery problem.
  7. The FCC version of the board does not look like the production version, so it’s not a surprise that JKK’s does not look like the FCC version.

4 responses to “Martin from TabletKiosk on the eo Battery Life Issue”

  1. John Tokash says :

    Also, Martin and JKK have now spoken and they are going to determine which production batch was involved, in case that is a clue to the differences.

  2. Andrew says :

    […]John Tokash has some info on a number of hardware issues concerning Amtek’s TabletKiosk eo like the dreaded battery life that has been the bane for those who have purchased the TabletKiosk umpc. The following is from John’s blog:[..]

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