Vista on an eo….

A few people asked me what steps I took. Using Partition Magic 8:

  • I defragged C and D.
  • I converted the D restore partition to a primary NTFS partition.
  • I resized the D restore partition to be slightly larger than 3 gigs and moved it to the end of the drive.
  • I resized the C partion to get 20 total unused GB between C and D.
  • I created a new 20 GB primary NTFS partition between C and D. I named it L (longhorn).
  • I booted XP and downloaded the latest Vista beta build from (I’m an official beta tester. No, I won’t send you the ISO.)
  • I mounted the Vista ISO as my E drive using Daemon Tools.
  • I ran the installation, specifying L as the target.

Update: Some drivers work, some don’t.

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