More about Vista on the TabletKiosk eo

I’m using Vista build 5381 from

It is very responsive! I don’t have Aero running, of course.

I don’t recall if I had to install the audio driver or if it found it without help, but it’s working.

When installing the digitizer, make sure to choose the b_stage driver from your D drive. A_stage doesn’t work at all. Even b_stage, though, doesn’t calibrate perfectly.

I had no trouble installing the driver for the display. I just browsed to the display settings, chose to update the driver and told the system to search the D driver for the driver. I cannot choose 800 x 480, but 800 x 600 looks really good, so I’m not unhappy. Watching video could be a problem if Vista won’t let us drop down to 800 x 480, but I’m sure a future driver will fix this problem.

Bluetooth seems to be running, but I haven’t installed a driver, specifically, and I haven’t tried to connect anything.

I have not been able to get Wifi to work, yet.

Update: If you DO install Vista on a new partition on your eo, be sure to edit the boot menu to default to XP.

4 responses to “More about Vista on the TabletKiosk eo”

  1. Ctitanic says :

    John, do you still have your eo running on VISTA?

  2. John Tokash says :

    Hi Ctitanic,

    I wiped my eo with sdelete for the trip back to TabletKiosk. When it returns, I’ll reinstall Vista on a partition.

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