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FireBug Version .4 for Firefox!

In the new FireBug, (some) JavaScript errors include stack traces and the debugger can break on (some) JavaScript errors.  I say ‘some’ because it doesn’t seem to break on security exceptions (Venkman doesn’t either).  It feels a lot more integrated than Venkman, too!  console.debug(),, console.warn(), and console.error() let you color code your output.  And the printf-style formatting options let you embed links to dom objects in your console output.  Nice!

More about Vista on the TabletKiosk eo

I’m using Vista build 5381 from

It is very responsive! I don’t have Aero running, of course.

I don’t recall if I had to install the audio driver or if it found it without help, but it’s working.

When installing the digitizer, make sure to choose the b_stage driver from your D drive. A_stage doesn’t work at all. Even b_stage, though, doesn’t calibrate perfectly.

I had no trouble installing the driver for the display. I just browsed to the display settings, chose to update the driver and told the system to search the D driver for the driver. I cannot choose 800 x 480, but 800 x 600 looks really good, so I’m not unhappy. Watching video could be a problem if Vista won’t let us drop down to 800 x 480, but I’m sure a future driver will fix this problem.

Bluetooth seems to be running, but I haven’t installed a driver, specifically, and I haven’t tried to connect anything.

I have not been able to get Wifi to work, yet.

Update: If you DO install Vista on a new partition on your eo, be sure to edit the boot menu to default to XP.