The Future of the UMPC

I’ve been using my eo for months now and I have a pretty good idea of what I’d like to see change.

  • The buttons on the UMPC should be configurable based on the application that is currently in use.  A kludgy workaround is TabletButtonProfileManager.
  • There should be a ‘Fn’ button that can be used to virtually double the number of programmable buttons on the UMPC.  Fn-PageUp and PageUp could have two different mappings.
  • It should be possible to configure one of the buttons to act as a ‘right-click’ meta button.  This button would tell the screen to treat a tap as a right click.
  • Highly granular motion sensors.  If you’ve ever played WarioWare Twisted, you’d know how powerful motion sensitivity can be.  Imagine scrolling a spreadsheet up/down and left/right with very slight movements.
  • Two battery slots so you can hot-swap in fresh batteries.
  • A new power-save mode that turns off the backlight and screen and forces the cpu into it’s slowest mode – all with one click.  Obviously, this would be less intrusive than Stand By, but it would also be less of a power savings.
  • Make it easy to switch from Stand By to Hibernate.
  • Windows needs a new service pack so that new computers don’t take an hour to patch with Windows Update when they arrive.
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