Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares

I’ve been watching this show on BBC America.  I enjoyed previous episodes, but this season is amazing.  Tonight’s episode was one of the best.

Episode six – Clubway 41

Despite being voted Restaurant of the Year by the local tourist board, Clubway 41 is in dire straits. It’s the prime example of how not to run a restaurant. Owner Dave is the flaky, self-appointed head chef who hasn’t been in a kitchen for 30 years and can’t cook. His partner Dawn invents bizarre dishes ranging from ‘tomato and cointreau soup’ to ‘pork with brie, nectarine and whiskey sauce.’ Gordon faces a hellish week, Clubway 41 is breaking every rule in book. Can he bring Dave, Dawn, and their food back to earth?

They renamed the restaurant Jackson’s, btw.

One response to “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”

  1. TopTVChefs says :

    Excellent post. Ramsay’s kitchen Nightmares is one of my favorite shows. Mainly because it contains a huge amount of practical business advice. Not just for running a restaurant. The lessons Ramsay outlines can apply to any type of business. I’ve watched the show many times on dvd and keep finding new pointers and ideas. Very useful.


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