eo UMPC as Primary Computer while on Vacation

I vacationed in Anchorage, Alaska for a little over a week last month.  Though I spent some of that time visiting family and looking at wolves, black bears, ptarmigan, and mountains, I did some geeky stuff, too.  I kept tabs on my team at Homestead (VPN, Outlook), I did a full reinstall of my sister’s PC (downloading device drivers and reading security howtos) and I kept up with the latest news (firefox, gregarius rss aggregator).

I knew I’d want to do all of those things, so I spent a lot of energy beforehand deciding whether I should bring my laptop or my eo UMPC.  I finally decided that the eo would be all I needed and the extra portability would be great.  Turns out, I was right!  The eo performed beautifully and, paired with my Cingular UMTS phone, I had great data throughput even when wifi wasn’t available.  On the plane, it was an easy carry-on and it came in handy when I got bored with my DS Lite.

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