Kyria Tokash (one of my sisters!) on Food Network’s Road Tasted!

In the episode of Road Tasted airing 8/22/06, Kyria will be talking about the ice cream she makes at ZOZO’s, the New York restaurant she runs with her husband, Steve Zobel.  I’m JAZZED!!  From the show’s site:

Road Tasted

Episode RD0103:   New York Neighborhoods

Whoever said you can do New York in a day has obviously never been to New York. Jamie and Bobby Deen head back to the Big Apple to sample some other ethnic fair. First stop, Astoria Queens, home to thousands of Greek Americans. The boys drop in on Artopolis Bakery and home of the Galaktoboureko–say that three times fast! This delicious delicacy is a phyllo dough dessert where, in the process, time is of the essence due to the delicate nature of the 12 layers of phyllo. The boys then head to Zozo’s, where they meet with Kyria, the creator of her famous Mint Chocolate Brownie Gelato. Creator of many other flavors as well, Kyria, a trained pastry chef, is very particular about her ingredients and educates the boys on the art of making Gelato. And if that wasn’t enough, the boys check in on Richard, the head pastry chef at David Burke and Donatella’s, where they watch gourmet salmon, cheescake and goat cheese “lollipops” get made. Created by David Burke to entice his children to eat, these “gourmet pops” are sold at a rate of approximately 500,000 each year!

4 responses to “Kyria Tokash (one of my sisters!) on Food Network’s Road Tasted!”

  1. Karl Buchholz says :

    Kyria is famous! Go girl! If you talk with her, let her know that friend Karl Buchholz will be watching the show on 8/22.

  2. Vern says :

    And Kyria is Greek ?? we loved the show

  3. Rose says :


    I just saw a repeat of that \

  4. Rose says :

    Does she still make the gelato and where can we get some?!

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