Justin’s Blog – CEOUnplugged

Justin (our CEO at Homestead) is doing a great job with his blog. I wonder if he read Robert’s and Shel’s book, yet…

Some things I’m looking forward to:

  • Frequently, Justin tells stories about interactions he’s had with customers. I’d love to see some of those stories on his blog.
  • He often has interesting comments about conferences he attends. I’m sure those observations will creep in.
  • One of Homestead’s most important goals is to be active in community service. Last month we moved from monthly participate-at-your-own-discretion events to quarterly-mandatory-most-of-the-day events. I’m excited about the change, because 100+ participants can have a much bigger impact than a handful. I’d like to see Justin talk about these events and the other community service actions we take. One of my favorites: each employee was given several hundred dollars to donate to charities of their choice (I picked Child’s Play).
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