Nintendo DS Homebrew

This question comes up from time to time – How do you get started writing Nintendo DS Homebrew.  Here’s a very brief intro:

Daily news:

Dev Platforms

  • DevKitPro or PALib (which is based on DevKitPro).
  • The DSDev / GBADev forum is a good place to start learning about the two.
  • PALib has a lot of great documentation and has a very active community, but it insulates you from the hardware more than DevKitPro does.
  • You’ll want to test with one or more emulators.  I like Dualis, but I hear that no$gba is rapidly becoming the compatibility frontrunner.

Dev Hardware

  • First, read about FlashMe.
  • For the DS or DS Lite, I think the new DS-X card is the most interesting for Homebrew Developers.  It fits in the DS slot, not the GBA slot and you don’t need to buy a micro SD card.  DS-X requires that you use FlashMe  and not a PassCard.  Frankly, I’m glad, because I prefer having a flashed DS – it’s safer, because it reduces the risk that your DS will get bricked by malicious code.
  • If you can’t wait for the DS-X to ship, you should consider the SuperCard Lite.  It fits in the GBA slot, so you can use FlashMe or a PassCard.
  • You can buy both of those cards at or
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