The ScobleShow is off to a great start. The wide screen format for the videos is wonderful.

Some highlights:

  • Referring to all the game changing advancements coming to the automobile industry and how big car companies could get really beaten by the competition if they don’t pursue the right set of technologies, Jonathan Schwartz says he’s glad Sun doesn’t have to worry about that kind of problem. “I don’t worry about that other internet coming out.”
  • Thomas Hawk is a dangerous, dangerous man. Everytime I encounter his photos, writings and, now, videos, I want to buy lots of expensive camera equipment. Fixed focal length lenses sound awesome.
  • Discussing slower computers as a power-saving measure to cut enterprise server costs, Tim Bray mentioned that concurrency will soon be a big thing for back end programmers. We deal with concurrency a lot when writing UI code and he’s right: it adds complexity. I’d like to hear more from Tim about this topic.
  • The Language War segment was funny to see recorded. That type of conversation happens all the time when programmers get together. Lots of direct Q&A between coders with different language prefs. I’d love to see a casual video like this with 3 or 4 language creators moderated by an expert level programmer.
  • The Printing For Less segment was great. Interesting jargon to listen to. Meanwhile, the company’s culture, policies, and procedures are very next-gen.
  • B5 Media and Smug Mug had great things to say. I was particularly pleased with the sincere humility they projected when speaking about the challenges they face and their competitors.
  • Shai Agassi shared a lot of great insight about SAP and its customers.

Scoble wants to know who he should interview next. My picks: Bunnie, Steven Levy, Bruce Sterling, Bill Hill (again), Alton Brown, Justin Kitch, Tim Schafer. Also, the woman who created the c64 clone that’s hackable (Jeri Ellsworth).  UPDATE: Here’s a video of Jeri speaking at Stanford.

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