PS3, XBox 360, Mac, PC or Wii?

Scoble wants to know what consoles we’re interested in. This is a very relevant question for me as I dropped $1100 on NewEgg about an hour ago for parts for a new PC – not a console.

I’ve been contemplating this decision for months. I sold my XBox 360 earlier this year to make room in my wallet for a UMPC. So, as I’ve been deciding on what my primary gaming machine will be for the next year or so, I had the following options:

  • Wii – Hard to see this as a PRIMARY gaming machine, but I’m very excited about the technology and creativity at Nintendo. AND this thing is cheap enough that I might buy one in a few months as a SECONDARY gaming machine.
  • PS3 – Expensive. I can’t see myself buying one until the game library is really solid.
  • XBox 360 – Not a big enough game library, yet. XBox live is awesome, but when I did own one there weren’t enough players online in the arcade titles like Joust and Marble Blast. Geometry Wars is one of the best games ever. NOTE: I don’t have an HDTV – I played my 360 on a PC Monitor using the VGA cable.
  • A new, home-built PC – Spore will be out next year. Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 look great. The new Half Life 2 episode with Portal is going to rock. I would really like to see what Second Life looks like on good hardware. The other HUGE advantage to a PC is the flexibility you get.
  • MAC – A home-built pc seems to beat the pants off (price/performance) a low end MAC.

So, I chose the PC. Here’s a link to the parts I ordered.

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