Firebug 1.0 beta

The new version of Firebug is awesome. Joe revved it to 1.0 beta and there are a ton of new features and lots of nice improvements. If you write or debug Javascript (AJAX include), CSS, or HTML, Firebug is a must. I can’t find the release notes, but here’s a list of what I think is new after a few minutes of testing:

  • New font (smaller and more readable)
  • The breadcrumb of the selected dom item (during inspection) is now interactive. You can highlight and select any ancestor of the currently selected item.
  • The inspected item now has a graphical depiction of its box model (‘layout’ in the right pane).
  • All CSS lines in the CSS tab and the Style tab of the inspected item can now be toggled on and off just by clicking them.
  • Editing the CSS and HTML now seems smoother somehow – before the feedback didn’t seem as immediate.
  • The net tab gives a graphical representation of requests to the server. And it’s not just XMLHTTPRequests anymore – it’s everything.
  • You can turn firebug on for one site only, now, rather than for everything. Nice.
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