Problems with Google Reader on the Nokia 770

For the past few nights I’ve been trying to figure out why Google Reader is slow on the Nokia 770. In my experience it generally takes 30 seconds to switch between feeds.

  • Number of feeds is not a factor. The feed switch time doesn’t change a lot. I tried 2 accounts – one with dozens of feeds and one with 5. Got the same speeds.
  • Initial startup time DOES seem to increase when using an account with lots of feeds.
  • There is not much network access happening while feed switching is happening. This was confirmed by watching the output of a proxy that minimo was attached to.
  • I’ve done some profiling of Google Reader on Firefox with Firebug on my desktop PC, but the code is all obfuscated, so it’s hard to tell if the operations taking the most time are doing what they need to do efficiently.

UPDATE: To get the 770’s version of Opera to work at all with Google Reader, you need to change a line in /home/user/.opera/opera.ini. Change SpoofUserAgent=3 to SpoofUserAgent=1. That will tell Opera to stop pretending it is IE6.

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