A compromise between Google Reader and Google Reader Mobile

Google Reader doesn’t work well on the Nokia 770. And Google Reader Mobile is too limited. Enter

With, you can browse your feeds on a Nokia 770 much more quickly than with either of the official Google Reader versions.

TODO List:

Deal with auth and command token timeouts.

Funky html problem that affects the ‘read/unread’ button sometimes.

Clicking read, starred, shared should mark an item unread, not starred, not shared.

Bug: AJAX requests don’t start the internet connection on the 770. Pop a dialog or put a request in an iframe.

Bug: After some point, the feed list doesn’t follow the scroll bar. May only happen on the 770.

Bug: Image handling in Opera on the 770 might leak. After browsing several feeds with lots of images, images stop showing up. Workaround: refresh the browser. Solution: Find a way to clean up the images.

“Hide feeds with no unread items” option

Buttons in rm for 770 need to be bigger.

Add to todo list:

Thicker scrollbar option

mark all as read api integration ( this!) (greghaspants)

Feed list is not 100% of viewport. pgdn skips a ot of feeds.

“Unread only” option

Incorporate some of the great ‘reading feeds on a touchscreen’ discussion points at this post.

Scroll using pen drag instead of the scrollbar (keesj on #maemo, Jonathan Greene on groups)

Scrolling marks items read

Can scrolling with mouse or pen drag be added for all browsers with JS? — if so, I can go back to the non-jerky version of the feed list.

FAQ page in Wiki (auth, goals, contact, other apps, pointer to niall)

Known Issues, changelog, Todo list page in Wiki: incorporate those into the ‘home’ page of’s interface and the front (login) page.

Subscribe to feed functionality (keesj on #maemo)

HTTPS login, security warnings

Show more than 20 items per feed (paging, load on scroll?)

River view for categories

Blog this button

Tag functionality

Degraded mode for browsers that can’t handle dojo and ajax

ReaderMini and alpha.ReaderMini favicons

Gregarius backend – no reason that ReaderMini shouldn’t integrate with other Aggregator software.

Sliding feed list so more real estate goes to feeds.

Keyboard shortcuts for non touch screen browsers (Sony Mylo)

Outlook preview pane theme.

done: Link items back to their original posts.

done: Put feeds and feed contents in separate, scrollable containers.

done: Reset the feed contents scroll area when a new feed is clicked.

done: demo account

done: allow reload after login (redirect to / after successful login)

done: mark read button

done: star,share buttons

done: Progress Animation

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